I like to tinker with the online web of pixels

I am a designer who loves to code. That is why I can test my creative mind, ideas and avoid concepts that work great in theory, but would break down in practice.

This means I can hop in at any stage the project needs me to be. From brainstorming and strategy ideas to defining the user experience, to interface design, to development. I love to bring great projects to life, no matter the screen size or platform.

I design beautiful code

During my studies, I worked as a full-stack designer for a small three years with a Dutch web development studio called Magneet Online. I contributed to many projects and it also helped to keep my knowledge up-to-date. I am currently working at my own company ‘Tropical Juice‘. Which is a full-service online agency.


And of course…

I’m looking for a job.

I just finished my studies, and I am now looking for a new challenging job! I am eager to learn new stuff, and I would be happy to talk to you about some other projects I worked on and about how my passion for the aesthetic side of the world wide web can make me a useful addition to your team.

You can take a look at my resume or Linkedin account and feel free to contact me