EU Cookie Wall

Plain simple cookie wall - Bot/Indexer Friendly


I have a few clients who need to be compliant with the EU Cookie Law. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way. You cannot set a cookie before the user accepts cookies. In this case, you have two options. Create a cookie wall and ask for permission. Or create a ‘light’ version of the site with a notice of acceptance. In most cases, a ‘light’ version is not a viable option for WordPress sites since you don’t know when and which plugins are using cookies. That is why I created this cookie wall plugin for WordPress.

It offers anonymous Google Analytics Tracking, custom text, and button placement. A ‘hidden’ read more text for detail information about cookies. A custom background image, color, and blur.

Why not test it out on your WordPress powered website? Go to the WordPress plugin directory!


Winter 2016


Private/for clients


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